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MATRIX 2800 E MATRIX 2700 E SV MATRIX 420 E THREE PHASE INVERTER POWER SOURCES FOR ELECTRODE WELDING Powerful, compact and lightweight MATRIX E’s thanks to their innovative digital control of the welding process are the most high performing and technologically advanced products ever manufactured. Built according to the very latest IGBT based inverter technology, these DC power sources thanks to their excellent arc characteristics, are recommended for highest standard applications with any electrode. Suitable to be used in shipyards, steel construction, pipe welding and maintenance, MATRIX E’s ensure an extraordinary stability of the welding parameters and their fast dynamic characteristic enables to achieve quality results even with the most difficult cellulosic and basic electrodes and also in TIG with lift mode arc striking. MATRIX 2700 E SV is standard supplied with 220-240V / 380V-440V three phase input voltage.