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SYNERGIC MULTIPROCESS INVERTER COMPACT POWER SOURCES Futuristic design and inverter technology with latest generation digital control are main characteristics of CONVEX PULSE multiprocess compact power sources for welding in MIG-MAG, MMA and TIG with Lift mode. Technologically ahead, robust and easy-to-use, they offer excellent quality welding in MIG/MAG, PULSED MIG and DUAL PULSE. The CONVEX PULSE equipment also allow less experienced operators to easily adjust all welding parameters in an intuitive way. Once the wished program is selected, the welding control automatically determines the best parameters based on the material type, wire diameter and gas being used, fruit of CEA’s know-how acquired in over 65 years’ experience.These power sources represent the best choice in all industrial fields for all qualified applications requiring high precision and repeatability of the welding results especially in light fabrication work and car body repairs.